ATL Collective & FOUNDFONT™

Posted by David on May 28, 2013

The ATL Collective is a group of various Atlanta musicians who get together now and then to perform a classic album live, from start to finish. MailChimp sponsored two of their most recent shows—Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run and Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison. We wanted to provide something special for the Collective and the people attending, something tangible they could take with them. For Born to Run, we screen printed a program with song titles, album history, and artist bios for the musicians. For Folsom Prison, we had gig posters printed.

Both pieces prominently displayed type created by the folks at FOUNDFONT™. FOUNDFONT™ creates complete type sets based on old found typography. Their fonts have a distinct, vintage Americana vibe, which was a perfect fit for these two records. Their sets are available individually, but we used so many on these projects that we ended up buying them all.

We’re a huge fan of passion projects here at MailChimp, and we like supporting people who are doing what they love. We hope you’ll support them, too, by picking up some type at FOUNDFONT™’s site or coming out to the next ATL Collective‘s show.

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