Book Club

Posted by Jason on May 14, 2015

When MailChimp’s employee count stretched well past 100 with no signs of stopping, we realized a change was necessary. We needed to implement more structure around things like hiring, travel, and general office management. But the thought of overloading employees with written processes scared us. If expressing some sort of formal process was necessary, we wanted it to serve—not impede—innovation.

And maybe we could somehow include cheeseburgers? The question quickly became: “How can we create meaningful frameworks that feels authentic, fresh, and innovative while offering relevant and useful processes?”




So our HR and Marketing departments put their heads together to come up with a solution. Together, we created MailChimp Book Club. It’s since become the home for HR and office guides, as well as company, culture, and value guides for all MailChimp employees. It’s administrative in that it empowers employees to streamline routine tasks through simple, straightforward processes. And it helps chimps stay connected to the vision, purpose, and values that inspire us to do what we do and love what we do.



The handbook covers evolved as the guides were written. A flexible system allowed for expressive photography to take center stage.

A few books quickly became over a dozen, and visual representation became a fun challenge.

I saw each cover as an opportunity to experiment with lighting, colors, props, composition, and magic. I chose employees from different departments as models, using the themes of the books for photo inspiration.


While new hires use the Book Club from day one to learn more about their new employer, all of us return to it from time to time to be reminded of what keeps this company going strong: Independence, Humility, and Creativity.

Interested in joining the MailChimp Book Club? You’re in luck—we’re hiring.

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