Posted by Jason on January 24, 2014

As you may have noticed, MailChimp folks love coffee. Every time someone in DesignLab makes a new Chemex pour over, they head to our chat room and announce the “fresh pot.” It’s like our Bat-Signal, except that, instead of hailing Batman in a time of distress, it sends caffeine-crazed coffee drinkers scurrying to the kitchen to grab a cup before it’s gone. Its origins can be traced back to rock ‘n’ roll legend Dave Grohl’s now-classic YouTube clip.

You might say it’s become our java mantra.

It’s with all this in mind that I started thinking of a more analog system to alert our team to fresh pots. I’d always wanted to create a neon design while documenting that process. This was my opportunity.

I wanted the sign to be aggressive-but-charming, but also bold, just like Grohl himself—the neon equivalent of him showing up and shouting, “FRESH POTS!” I started out with a pencil sketch, then met up with the good folks at The Neon Company here in Atlanta. They ran down the logistics, and we discussed color, size, and final presentation. We went with a classic bright red and mounted it directly to brick.

Once I started editing the video I realized that it needed some original music (FRESH ROCK!) as its soundtrack. Our hastily assembled one-off band (drums, bass, two guitars, gang vocals) wrote, recorded, and mixed a brand new song in 4 hours at Glow in the Dark Studios. Naturally, we called it “Fresh Pots!”

Now we’re as alert as ever, but also basking in a fresh, neon glow.

Our door is open, Dave. Feel free to stop by and hang any time. First pot’s on us.


Download “Fresh Pots!” MP3 (1.7mb)

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