Goes With You Script

Posted by David on October 3, 2013

Our new MailChimp Goes with You page prominently features a James Victore script. While it might have been easier to simply ask him to participate in the project initially, the actual process was a bit more convoluted. Come, peek behind our curtain.

The direction for this project was broad: pursue a hand-draw type treatment of the phrase “goes with you.” We’ve found that a good way to tear through iterations is to get folks together and sketch out ideas, critiquing—or, sometimes, talking smack—on the spot. We gathered supplies (pencils, pens, markers, paintbrushes) and sat down in the late afternoon to start drawing.

Sketches started small, but when the first paint marker was opened, our 11×17 pages suddenly became too tiny. Ron and Jason started drawing directly on the poster boards protecting the table. We found a long roll of paper, and they walked up and down the length of the table, writing the entire way. A couple directions quickly became a couple dozen, but one scrawled style of Jason’s was the clear winner. We high-fived, and called it a day.

“Wait. Does anyone think that kind-of-maybe looks like something Victore would do?”

Jason’s scripts were exactly what we wanted, but when they were cut out and scanned in, we saw a similarity with Victore’s well-known penmanship. We try to be conscious of how our work will be perceived, and we didn’t want to appear to be aping anyone. It was a bummer, though—we loved this direction.

“Well…what if we asked James if he’d be interested in working with us?”

As it turns out, James Victore is better at being James Victore than pretty much anybody. He fit us into his schedule and created three perfect scripts, one of which now lives on our new page. In retrospect, we could have saved ourselves some time and effort by approaching him at the start. But at the start, we didn’t realize what we needed. Sometimes, the inspiration for a solution goes with you throughout a process, but doesn’t make itself known until you do your part.

Scripts by Jason, Jason (GIF), Ron, and James, respectively. Photo by Mardav.

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