Hidden Rooms

Posted by Justin on July 5, 2013

Here at MailChimp, we like to keep it weird. And what’s weirder than a space-themed, hidden gift shop? I’m sure there’s weirder, but we thought it would be a cool project and a fun addition to our office that would give our visitors a chance to walk away with a grab bag of MC goodies.

Not only is the gift shop (unofficially deemed The Moon Base™) regularly stocked with shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, totes, stickers, coloring books, hats, plushies, stationary, notepads, Tattlys, posters and a boatload of other stuff, it also has a motion-sensor-activated lighting system with black lights, a spinning disco ball, and neon spotlights. It has just the right amount of goofy and weird while also serving as a place for us to prototype new ideas for giveaways, promotions, and events we sponsor. If you’re ever at MailChimp HQ, be sure to ask your tour guide if you can visit the gift shop.

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