Living Walls

Posted by Jason on September 5, 2013


This year, Living Walls asked me to be a part of their media team. Since MailChimp is a sponsor of the conference, it made perfect sense—I was able to split my time and help out an amazing group of artists. I also learned quite a bit in the process.

The two-week conference includes various events, panels, and gatherings. I shot video, and also snapped wall personas of six different artists, their walls, and the materials used to create them. I also created a poster to promote co-founder Monica Campana’s Coffee Hour talk, which took place at MailChimp HQ. She brought some of the artists to our office and gave us an insightful look at all the hard work that goes into Living Walls each year. It was an honor to be a part of a team that’s helping change Atlanta.

See a few of the videos:
Living Walls 2013: Part II
Living Walls 2013: Part III
JR Unframed

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