Noom Crochets

Posted by Ben on January 3, 2014

A few years ago, my sister returned from a trip to Thailand bearing some awesome gifts: animal-shaped hats! Because my sister knew it would make me look ridiculous, she gave me a neon pink one in the shape of a pig. (Conveniently, she kept the monkey shaped hats all to herself.) I wore this crazy pig hat around the MailChimp office one cold winter morning, and people seemed to love it.

So I sketched out an idea for a MailChimp-themed hat, and contacted the shop owner in Thailand. She agreed to crochet 100 of them, which we gave out to customers. It was a smash hit.

Fast forward 3 years, and we’ve given out tens of thousands of these hats to our customers.

Sometimes we send them when we have giveaways, sometimes we send them when customers make our support team laugh, and sometimes we send them just because. Customers have sent us pictures of these hats on their dogs and their babies, which inspired us to extend the idea into baby hats, cat-shaped hats, and tiny monkey hats for cats.

Recently, we finally got to meet the person behind these hats in real life. Her name is Noom, and she’s a former programmer who got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, and opened up her own shop. While on a trip to the US, she agreed to stop by the MailChimp office to show us how they’re made.


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