Persona Posters

Posted by Jason on May 24, 2013

Who are our customers? How do they use MailChimp?

Our UX team talked to dozens of users, acquiring tons of data and identifying motivations, traits, and needs. We used this information to create a series of archetypes that serve as a guide when designing. These personas help us keep in mind who we’re designing for, and what’s important to them.

DesignLab was presented with the challenge of creating posters that represent these different personas. We wanted them to be bold, simple, and effective. Dramatically lit portraits set against vibrant colors. Stunning, yes, but also realistic. Pulling inspiration from my own persona portraits, as well as the work of Paula Scher, we created something unique and eye-catching.

To help us keep all this important data in the front of our minds, we hung the posters in one of our most-trafficked rooms of MailChimp HQ. Now, we see and think about them every day.

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