Recruiting Ads

Posted by Jason on April 10, 2014

Every couple weeks, we do a support recruiting meet and greet here in Atlanta. In the past, we’ve posted job descriptions and meet and greet announcements online only, but we wanted to experiment, try reaching a different group of people. We decided to try placing three ads in Atlanta’s alternative-weekly newspaper, Creative Loafing.

David started by mocking up ideas with some images from our archives paired with a few punchy phrases (“Smile @ Work,” “Night Owls Welcome,” “Make Dad Proud”) we wrote on the spot. Everyone felt like we were on the right path to weirdness. Armed with some loose nuggets of our vision, I set out to photograph a few people around the office. Then we decided to try more of a handwritten type style, so I took out my sharpies and pens. To me, it’s important that we meet our needs while having a little fun in the process.

Fast forward to this experimentally-sourced meet and greet, and 112 people showed up! (For some perspective, our talent scout Chris says the events usually draw around 20 people. The record turnout before this one was 53.) Needless to say, this experiment surpassed all our expectations. Feedback showed that we reached all kinds of personalities with a more diverse work experience than ever before. You might say we made dad proud.


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