Replying All With Freddie

Posted by Jane on March 19, 2015

At MailChimp, we love partnering with people who are doing creative, interesting things. You may have seen one of our video spots at a conference recently or heard one of our podcast ads. One of those ads is for Reply All, a podcast about the internet. Given its audience of creative, engaged e-citizens, we thought it would be fun to use our ad space to…wait for it…reply all to listeners with vinyl Freddies.

The idea was pretty basic: Reply All’s hosts would announce vinyl Freddie giveaways on random episodes. Listeners would then visit, watch a video, and sign up to get a Freddie. Since they’re limited, listeners would have to make with the quickness. The goal was to create a fun experience while generating excitement for future giveaways.

The goal was to create a fun experience while generating excitement for future giveaways.

We kicked off the design with 3 components in mind: a video, a signup form, and the Freddies. Working with some of Ron’s illustrations, the layout explorations began.



An issue I ran into early on was balance. Plopping down every single design element cluttered the screen. Hiding the video and signup form from the landing page gave too minimal of a view. What to do? I did what I often do when I get stuck: bump up the type to an ungodly size.



This helped me move forward, but I was still lacking organization and a clear hierarchy. In a fit of frustration, I stretched out the Freddie illustration way more than I was comfortable with:


Who could resist that big ol’ toothy grin!? After throwing in buttons to sign up or preview the other Freddies, and adding some Cooper Black for good measure, we had our giveaway site. One of our developers, Alan, worked his magic with subtle transitions and animations.

“Everything about Jane’s design said ‘fun’ so I immediately set out to make the experience match with quick, fluid animations and changing color palettes,” says Alan. “We also wanted people to enjoy cycling through the Freddies on their touch devices. Using all SVGs also meant Freddie could be scaled, keeping him looking sharp on any screen.”

The simple pathways convey a simple message: either we have Freddies left or we don’t, and you can always browse the future Freddies to whet your appetite. Check out the site at, and make sure to watch Freddie’s origin video. Stay tuned for a post from Jason on how to make a Freddie.

Did you miss out on classic Freddie? Fear not! We have 7 more giveaways coming up, with Freddies in all different colors. Act fast when you hear about it on Reply All!

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