Posted by Jason on November 3, 2014

Not long after I started working at MailChimp, I was asked by our creative director to set up a photo resource site. I created a Tumblr called West Side Design Lab. It serves as our go-to place for social media imagery (MailChimp Twitter, MailChimp Facebook, MailChimp Instagram, etc). This way, anyone in the office can pull photos, and we never touch stock photography.

It’s also become a useful source for our designers to mock up comps, print ads, and other weird ideas. For 2 years now, it’s helped with countless projects. For example, a random photo once led to a recruitment ad campaign. Another time, the West Side Design Lab Tumblr was the main resource for our annual report.  It’s also become a place for documentation of process, finished products, and film snapshots around the office. I comb through my photos and update it at least once a week.

Our designers also look to the site for inspiration, reference, and laughs. And now, you can do the same.

See the full archive view HERE





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